There is this fair girl, quite pretty. She always want my company and I, been quite experience with some issues of life; she most time come to discuss her intentions with me and I contribute whatever i think. Overtime i have come to begin to like her; as i am not in any relationship at the moment. This i told her but she just laugh over it. One day i visited her at her house (because she stays alone) and after several other discussion, i profess my admiration for her; but she only laugh and smile over it. When i asked her to say something concerning what i just told her, she said; what do i want her to say. i said say anything in your mind, but she just keeping smiling and saying there is nothing in her mind. She gave me a hug before i left her place. But she always avoid been with me (especially alone) except she have something she want to tell me and seek my opinion.

After then; we have talked and joked, but when i say something about my admiration for her; she stop talking and only smile with the usual excuse that she has nothing to say. This is making me a bit frustrated and confuse as i dont knw if to nurture her in my mind or to kill the thought and just see her a friend only. Though she hugs me when she has been over joy.

I dnt like disturbing myself so much with emotional issue as it reduces my efficiency in my daily duties; hence i just wanted to knw from her if she is interested or not; but she keep playing the i dnt have anything to say (not even that i want to pray about it); yet getting joyous with smile on seeing me, talking at length with me, telling me about herself at will, allowing me to hold her on her waist (at times) but refusing to let me lay a claim on her as my girl. Though she doesnt demand from me, so i sometime use my church mind to give her.

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i dont like be put in suspense and dragged emotionally along for too long. Should I just let her be and stop every romantic gesture towards her and just be friends or i should have some patient with her. Have knew her for quite a while but romance part has been on for like four (4) months.

Aside her dragging of feet; i liked her.

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