I am a young man of 28, graduated 3 years ago and now into business. I can’t boast of any reasonable relationship. Sometimes I wonder what I would tell my wife anytime we strike a discussion of our past relationship/sex life. I have dated like 3 or 4 girls and none lasted more than six months and had sex once with one of them. I am sexually active but I jerk off anytime am horny.. I am an addict.

Now, I am scared and worried because I don’t know what it looks like being committed to a woman. I really wanna have a blissful marriage. .. I really wanna love and date my wife but I can’t find the feeling. Is it that I am yet to meet the right person or what? I don’t like wasting my time on a girl. If I try to come close and you give me attitude, I walk away. All I do is work, go to work, come back and sleep. No social life. I only hang out once in a while with my male dudes. Please, I need your advice to get a social life especially with girls.


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