My name is BIOLA and I have a problem that has been bugging my mind for weeks now and I don’t know how to handle it.

I lived with my uncle and his family in Lagos for some years before I moved to my apartment and I have a duty to him but at the same time, I do not want to be the cause of problems in their marriage.

The dilemma stemmed from the fact that I caught my uncle’s wife who is two months pregnant coming out with another man from a room in a hotel. Once in while, after close of work, I would go to this hotel in our area to cool off with some friends. This hotel have rooms where men bring in women for short time sex and that was where I saw my uncle’s wife.

That day, I was backing the entrance to the rooms when a friend who knows her tapped me and said I should look behind me and what I saw made the glass of beer to fall off from my hand.

I saw my uncle’s wife and mother of his two children coming out with a man with her arms around his shoulder. As she made to walk pass our table, she turned and saw me but was able to hide her surprise and shock.

Since that day, she has become hostile to me anytime I go to visit them, treating me like a pariah. When I told my friends, they said she is afraid I could tell my uncle, so she is being hostile as a form of first attack on me.

Should I tell my uncle or talk to her?



Dear readers, your candid advice is needed…

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