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Confession: She Sleeps With Her Boyfriend’s Dad


A reader sent in a sad story of a 23 years old niece who is sleeping with her boyfriend’s father while the boyfriend is away studying for his masters at the university in another state.

The lady in question, grew up in a one-parent family which is speculated to be the cause of her ill-behaviour.

While her boyfriend was studying in a near-by state, his father would drive the 23-year-old to see him.

According to the reader who sent in the story, the incestuous- father was bent on seducing her, he went on to promise her marriage.

The reader writes that the man’s wife is down with partial stroke and his niece gives the impression of being fond of the unsuspecting woman.

It is still a mystery why the 23-year-old should fancy such an old man who is about 50-years of age.

The duo have finally ran out of luck, as the ladies mum has found some implicating texts in her phone.

Her mother is threatening to expose the entire escapade, but the sender of the letter says she is being pleaded with, because if the words get out, then it will destroy the man’s family and eventually end the life of his ailing wife.

What should be done to salvage the situation?

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