I have been dating my boyfriend (call him Yakub) for around 10 months now. When we met, I knew we could never have a future together but I decided to go for it anyway. I am young and i was having fun.

6 Months into the relationship, a very bad incident occurred ( It’s related to the reason why we cannot have a future). I couldn’t take it. I tried to break up with him but he begged and asked for another chance.I had lost interest in the relationship. I stayed because i was working on a project and he was assisting. I decided that after the project was completed i would break up finally. The project is completed next week.

I met a nice guy 3 months ago and we began casually seeing each other, this weekend. Nothing serious. This weekend Yakub found the texts and was outraged. He broke up with me on the spot. I apologized and told him I understand.

Only for him to call me and beg this evening, saying that he does not mind me seeing other people, he said his life is incomplete without me. He just wants me for me.

I told him NO, but he won’t stop. I feel guilty about everything but I also know it wont work out.

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