A woman has revealed a shocking past she is hiding from her man who thinks she is innocent and naive, even though she has otherwise seen it all.
A woman who hides a deep secret from her partner feels sorry for him each time he calls her naive and clueless, because he thinks she is innocent.
He’s always telling me that I’m naive and clueless. But I harbour several deep and dark secrets.
For a start he has no idea that I used to be a sex worker, that I lived off a sugar daddy for years, and that I used to be male.
I was born abroad and declared a boy at birth, but the diagnosis was wrong.
I returned to Britain and had a number of reassignment operations as a youngster to restore me to my true sex.
As a teenager I went off the rails. I ran away from home and got in with a brothel keeper who looked after me. At first I worked on reception, but then I started turning tricks.
I earned some good money too. One day a rich guy walked in and I walked right out with him on my arm. For many years my sugar daddy kept me safe and warm.
Our relationship tragically ended when he died of a heart attack (on the job) and his family refused to recognise me as his heir.
I didn’t have the cash to fight them and met my current boyfriend in a bar. He thinks I’m super sweet. Naturally, I play up to this image he’s created for me, because it gets me stuff (clothes, perfume, jewellery) and makes him adore me more.
But if I were to show him some of the tricks I can do, then he’d have kittens. I’m not ashamed of who I am and what I like, but fear that I’ll frighten him away if I tell him the truth.
My other concern is that some spiteful person might nip in before me and tell him all about my frisky past before I get a chance to hit him with the cleaned up /need to know version.
I really do like this guy and don’t want to screw this one up. How must I play this?
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