A teenager has confessed to a steamy encounter she had when her boss seduced her into having hot lesbian sex, reports Sun UK.
The teenage girl, 18 said things started to heat up with her work colleague after she joined a telemarketing company in Manchester. The girl who goes by the name, Jacky Online revealed that she became friends with boss Kate and went out with her for drinks in a wine bar, before the illicit affair happened.
What started off as friendship turned to something more erotic when Jacky got jealous after her boss started kissing a guy.
It turned out her boss was bisexual, and the girl described on Swinging Heaven Forum how the pair ended up in the shower together that evening.
She said: “I quickly undressed and joined Kate, she was grinning with anticipation.
“Kate began to wash me all over with her shower gel, paying more attention to my boobs and tummy.
“I was turned on like hell now, my nipples were stuck out like studs.”
As the pair left the shower, she described how things progressed even further.
She said: “Kate started to move down my body running her tongue around as she went, kissing, past my belly button.
“It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had.”
Jacky shared how Kate revealed she had always had a crush on her, and was keen to help her experience new things, which eventually led to the young worker trying swinging and using the site.
The post went viral on the forum and prompted a range of reactions from readers. One praised her saying “there’s a whole new exciting world out there waiting for you”.
Others said they wished they could have joined the shower. We previously did a piece with women revealing why they had sex with their boss. We also did a piece explaining what sex dreams really mean, from bedding the boss to doing the dirty on your missus.
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