Dear readers,

My name is Kingsley and I have been married for just two years but it seems my marriage is heading for the rocks because of my wife’s flirtatious attitude.

She works in a financial institution with the mandate of brining in several millions of naira every month. I know what most of these female bankers do all in their bid to meet their targets and all my efforts to make my wife resign from the job and go into business has met with a stubborn brick wall as she even told me she would rather end our marriage.

I have heard several stories of her affairs with other men, especially rich clients but she always accuse me of listening to gossips anytime I bring them up. But the last straw that broke the camel’s back happened about three weeks ago when I happened to find a packet of condoms in her bag.

I was devastated but I did not make a fuss out of it because I wanted to catch her at her game.

Two days later, when she came back from work and was taking her bath, I checked her bag only to find that the pack of condoms was broken and three pieces were missing.

We have never used a condom since we got married and I knew that she had definitely used the condoms for sex with another man.

When I confronted her, instead of being apologetic, she flared up and told me I had no right to go through her bag nor ask her what she did with the condoms.

Since that discovery, I have had a rethink about this marriage especially as my wife is not even remorseful about her actions.



Dear readers, what would you do if you find condoms in your spouse’s possession?

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