Love is a very controversial notion and for each separate individual, it acquires either a negative or a positive coloration depending on the gained experience. Yes, love is connected with happiness, but at the same time, it can cause sadness, pain, and longing.

Love is a comprehensive concept. It can be romantic, fraternal, agape, love for nature, art, genitive love, childlike love. People can experience love in various forms: both platonic and corporal. But if we focus on romantic love, then we should figure out how it is connected with happiness.

Some people claim that love between two people is a paramount condition for happiness. So let’s see how some elements of love correlate with happiness.


Studies show that the most discontented and unhappy are intimacy phobic people, whereas those, who have a person, to whom they can open the soul, tend to be the happiest. So, a loving relationship, which involves intimacy, commitment, and spiritual maturity, leads to happiness. Also, emotional closeness is a prerequisite for sexual intimacy, which is also very important.

If you are lonely, this negatively affects your state of being happy. While constant social contacts with your second half and his or her encouragement contribute to happiness.


To love someone means that you want to see him or her happy. That’s all. That’s simple. When you put person’s happiness first, and you make him happy, then you became happy too. Certainly, only a reciprocated love is a way towards happiness, whereas abusive and obsessive love doesn’t lead to it.

One of the constituents of love is appreciation. Appreciation on a daily basis can deepen the relationship and even save it. The ways to express appreciation are diverse: just notice the little things, be grateful, respect the talent of the partner and support his or her passions, always do compliments, and organize romantic dates.

However, a wholehearted love and appreciation should be mutual, both of you should be ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of each other and accept each other the way God has created you. Only through this way, you’ll experience happiness.


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Attention is a tool, which helps your second half to feel appreciated and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together for ten days or ten years. Attention may be manifested in many ways: for women, it is care, for men it is faith. But both men and women agree that one of the important signs of attention is the ability to listen, to be totally present in a conversation and to have a deep empathy. When you listen to the partner, you show that you care, you don’t interrupt and you don’t rush to give a piece of advice.

Also, small, romantic trifles are significant. It’s a misconception that they are vital only for women. Men aren’t less emotional, they are just more reserved and don’t express feelings so openly. These signs of attention may be various: a spontaneous date, a bouquet of flowers, breakfast in bed and sending you make me happy quotes. Thereby, attention strengthens a heartfelt connection between you and the partner.


Touches are very important, through them you can transmit a charge of positive energy, calmness, tenderness and warmth. Express your love through embraces, kisses, and caresses. Sometimes the language of the body is the language of love, it is a powerful tool in any relationship. It has been scientifically proved that embraces stimulate the release of hormones of joy and the person feels happy, and apathy and sadness go away. So, a tactile contact with your loved one makes you happier.


To maintain happiness, a straightforward and honest communication should be a top priority. Properly selected words can build an emphatic bridge as well as to create a wasteland of distance between you. Think twice before saying something, words may be both creative and destructive. Always share your thoughts on various issues, be interested in what your partner feels. Always discover your partner’s needs and be patient while dealing with incendiary topics.

Communication builds up a mental side of a relationship, which should be balanced. Only then people will be able to be happy.

Hence, romantic love is an indispensable part of happiness. Love is what keeps all things in a person’s life harmonious and gives the meaning to ordinary existence. If you have all these parts of love, then you have a beautiful reason for happiness!

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