A lady who is currently dating his lover, have fallen in love with another guy who has been toasting her for months. She is now seeking for public advise on how to make her choice.

Below is how the confused lady narrated her story on a popular Instagram relationship page, Break or Make-up;
I’m in a dilemma, I think I’m in love with two guys, I’m in my early-twenties.
I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 4 years though we’ve had our ups and downs,we are both in the same country ,I’ve also been great friends with this other guy for about 8 years (he’s in Nigeria) we are extremely free with each other,he understands me very well, Our communication is 100% and he knows me like the back of his hand.
This guy in question has asked me out severally and I refused cos I was either dating or not ready to date , the beautiful/funny thing is each time I say no, he doesn’t get upset or anything he quietly goes back into the friend zone..lol but I guess he’s tired of been in that zone because recently he’s been telling me of how much he loves me and really wants to have a serious relationship with me.
Truth be told is I’m really fond of him and really like him (I said fond cos I don’t know if I love him), he has a sweet personality and he’s very sensitive .. in these past few months he’s given me a real idea of how an ideal partner should be , I don’t pray to break up with my bf but if It happens I’m not going to date anyone below the standards this other guy has set.
Note: My present boyfriend may not be perfect but he’s a good person
I need matured advice on what to do, date him which means double dating , tell him no again and risk losing him which will hurt tho , or any other reasonable options
Thanks in advance.
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