I met my wife (very beautiful, humble Igbo gal) in 2012, and we’ve been dating since then. We both from Imo State.

On that same year we met, I moved to south Africa to study an still residing in SA. I see her twice a year, and she visits SA as well. We got married this past February, and few days after our wedding, I had to return.

But now I feel I made a very big mistake by marrying her, not because she’s bad for me bt because I’ve realized I’m not in love with her anymore. I don’t know wat to do, she’s such a wonderful lady. God fearing, sings in the church choir, young and beautiful.

How should I let her know that I’m not in love with her anymore? I’m scared of the embarrassment my parents will bare with all of this? Our pastor at church? Her family? I don’t believe in divorce, the same thing with my parents, but what do I do in this situation?

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