We got this from our Inbox. I’m an ex-prostitute and I found the most wonderful man ever.

He tells me I’m beautiful every day. He works hard and wants us to be married before kids. He’s very nice looking, and gave me his password to his phone without me asking so I won’t think he’s cheating. He told me everything about his life from his family to all his exes. He’s told me that I am the best woman to ever enter his life.
Well, here’s the problem I’m having: I know everything about his past, but he knows little white lies about me. He thinks I used to be a medical assistant, but I was a prostitute. He has gotten back in touch with his uncle, who is a cop, and he’s ran background checks on a few of his exes.I’m afraid that one day he will ask him to run one on me, and all he will have to do is Google me and my whole past will pop up with my past arrests. And, before your fans judge me, I am no longer a prostitute. I’m in school for Cosmetology, and I do care-giving at a nursing home. I am very faithful to him, so don’t think that all hoes can’t change, look at Mary Magdalene. God saved her, and I’m saved now, too. But, I don’t want my past to change my future.

He knows everything else about me, except for what I use to do for work. This is the man I prayed about, and he made me not ever want to do that again, even if I was broke. He said he sees me being his wife, and the mother to his children. And, every time we see hoes on TV, he tells me how disgusted he is with them, and will never touch them. This really bothers me. I mean, I’m a good girl now, but sometimes I feel like he deserves better.

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Should I tell him what I use to do even though I’m STD free and work now? Or, just leave it in the past?

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One thought on “I’m An Ex-prostitute And I Found The Most Wonderful Man Ever.”

  1. You will have to open up to him. Look for the best time to do so. It’s better you tell him than for him to find out himself. Turn to God (Jesus) first and ask for his help; that he (God) help you in your communicating the issues with your man and that He (God) help him to understand and accept you and your past. Even if your man feels bad now, he’ll get over it. Be sure that if you do not inform him yourself, sooner or later, he’ll find out and you will not like his reaction then. It will appear as if you are a deceiver, that you took advantage of him.

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