This condition is breaking relationships and marriages and it is causing a lot of desperation among many men and the worse part is, it is not curable unless you practice some well rehearsed technique and even with that not many have been successful.

Many are those who have inquired to know what really causes this condition, well this is not like your regular disease where you can easily diagnose it and tell the cause, it is all about your lifestyle.

There are lots of things we do day to day that we fail to take note of but these things at the long run come back to hunt us. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so we’ve decided to bring to you, some of the things you do that can trigger premature ejaculation and how to avoid them.


There are a lot of things we ignore as we grow but if you really want to see that even common breathing is done wrongly, observe how a baby breathes when they sleeping. You will notice their belly rising and falling and not their chest. But as we grow, due to our desire to appear modest and gentle, we rather prefer our chest rising than our stomach doing it and to be able to achieve that, we have to breath a little through our mouth.

When a baby is sleeping also note that they never open their mouth. How adults do the opposite when they sleep and this causes snoring and sleep apnoea. There are a lot of consequences when you breath through your mouth instead of your nose. On the contrary, there are a lot of benefits when you breath through your nose and one of those is helping you gain a lot of oxygen into your blood stream thereby giving your blood cells enough energy and you will agree with us that a man’s erection and ejaculation depends a lot on the flow of blood.

Not breathing properly through your nose can cause lack of oxygen because your mouth is not designed to extract oxygen into your lungs, so if you know you breath through your mouth or snore a lot when you sleep, this is the time to stop it because it can make you ejaculate prematurely.



We know you’ve been advised countless times to learn to lift heavy objects properly because it can cause hernia. Well, if that was all that was to it, then you could live with it, but in case you didn’t know, lifting objects wrongly doesn’t only give you hernia, it can also cause you to develop premature ejaculation.

Yet again, one thing we don’t study from children. Watch how children pick things from the ground and you will understand the proper way of lifting things. It doesn’t matter how big or small the object is, when children want to pick an object from the ground, they bend their knees and squat before picking them up, but adults who think they are smarter will rather bend their waist to pick them up.

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Sometimes this is because we feel these things are light and so wouldn’t cause us any harm, well! try this little experiment, try holding a glass of water in your hand and stretch it and stay in that position for an hour. Initially you will feel it is light but with time, it begins to feel heavier, that is how gravity works. Same thing happens when you pick light objects all the time by bending your waist, with time it will affect your waist and it doesn’t matter how small the object is. You will soon blame it on phlegm and begin taking waist and power without realizing it is actually your lifestyle that is causing the problem.

If you really want to gain strong erection and prevent premature ejaculation, we advise you begin watching how you lift things from the ground, no matter how small. It is always better to squat and pick things from the ground than bend over to pick them.



Well we can confidently say, 99.9% of Nigerian men have never practiced Kegel Exercise before and majority don’t even know what it is and even the few that know it think it is only meant for women…wrong!!!

It’s important for men to practice it too. In fact, if most Nigerian men were practicing it or have been told about it, weak erections and premature ejaculation wouldn’t have been much of a problem in Naija.

To understand how this is done, first you need to drink lots of water so you get the urge to pee, when this happens, while peeing, hold back your pee and release, hold it again and release. Keep doing this and you will realize some muscles close to your testicles contract, that is the muscle you need to work on. Now when you’ve mastered it, you wouldn’t need pee to do it, you can do it at any time as you please. You can do it 30 times in a day or can increase with time.

When done properly, you will realize right after doing it, you will begin getting erections sporadically, this is telling you that you can last longer during sex and also give you strong erections and most of all, prevent you from ejaculating prematurely because by then you’ll have control over your ejaculation.



It is rather unfortunate most of our food today contains so much sugar, but lucky on our part, it can easily be avoided based on where we come from but no! we’ve chosen to go with what foreigners are bringing in.

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Why always depend on Cocoa drink and sugar with bread every morning, when you can equally eat Gari and Beans in the morning? Check all the foods mentioned and tell us which one does not contain sugar already. If you’ve been bombarded with the notion that you must eat light in the morning, then we wish to tell you, you’ve been fed with lies all this while.

Let’s take a look at the logic in it, why eat light when you slept the whole night without food. That’s why it is called breakfast, because during the night while you slept, you were fasting so eating heavy in the morning is more reasonable because you will be working through the day and you need the energy. Eating light in the evening before retiring to bed makes more sense than eating heavy in the evening because digestion slows down during the night while you sleep.

If we decide to eat our own food all the time, we are likely to avoid eating sugary foods. Waakye does not contain processed sugar, gari and beans do not contain processed sugar, fufu does not contain processed sugar, plantain with palaver sauce does not contain processed sugar, kenkey with pepper and fish does not contain processed sugar, etc. So why do we ignore all these and go in for cocoa, tea, hausa koko, oatmeal etc. early in the morning when we can easily avoid them.

It is very important for a man to reduce the intake of processed sugar if you wish to maintain a good erection and prevent premature ejaculation because sugar weakens your blood cells and this in effect, affects your erection and ejaculation.



If you’re a slob then you should know you’re in for trouble because it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to know that you have a premature ejaculation problem.

Living a sedentary lifestyle as a man without any physical activity is definitely going to affect your erection and ejaculation because you need to make your blood flow properly.

Living a sedentary lifestyle means your blood will not be hot enough to even burn most of the calories you take into your body hence causing blockages in your veins which in effect can affect your erection because your erection depends on this to survive and when that happens, ejaculating prematurely is not far-fetched.

You should also know that, not only will living a sedentary lifestyle affect your erection and ejaculation, you can also get stroke from it, so do exercise from time to time. You can even choose to dance or assist in house chores and this can make you sweat a bit to give your blood some life.

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It is different if you’re a virgin, but if you’re sexually active and you’ve been busy and for like say 6 months you’ve not had sex, the likelihood of you ejaculating prematurely is very high and usually this is temporal but if it’s your habit to not have sex on the regular, then it can become permanent, especially if you’re already involved in most of the things mentioned so far.



Smoking weakens a lot of organs in your body and one of them is your manhood and so when you smoke heavily, it weakens your sperms and they will be eager to get out of your body and so you’re likely to ejaculate prematurely.



For those of you who drink or get drunk all the time before sex and assume it makes you last longer, well! here is a piece of advice for you, it will get to a time not only will you ejaculate prematurely, you might lose your erection entirely.



Well you might think something as small as this will not affect you much but you will be surprised to know that not having enough rest can affect not only your erection but your ejaculation as well.

When you do not have a good erection, your manhood actually becomes more sensitive and this can make you ejaculate prematurely.

Your blood thickens while you sleep because some of the red blood cells die and it’s replenished by another and so if you don’t sleep properly or have enough rest, these cells keep thickening because it becomes like a damping site and because you’re not sleeping, it doesn’t take time to replenish and these will not allow your blood to flow freely hence causing weak erection which can lead to premature ejaculation.



Before sex, it is important to take time and go through foreplay. If you’re the type who always rushes for sex when the need arises, you’re likely to ejaculate prematurely.

During foreplay also, if you’re the one who is always at the receiving end instead of giving, then you should know, you are likely to ejaculate prematurely.

What men need to understand is that, it takes women more time to orgasm and science has proven that it takes a woman 20 – 45 minutes to reach orgasm and she is likely not to achieve it through penetration alone and so it falls on the man to give her more foreplay to get her closer to orgasm before penetration. It takes a man much more less time to ejaculate so it will be better if you take control over foreplay before penetration and this will prevent you from ejaculating too quickly.

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