Good morning family

I can’t sleep and cried all night

I’ve been married for 3yrs with a son

Before getting married I dated my husband for less than a year and everything was fine.

I don’t want to bore you with the details but before getting married, my husband and I agreed to be honest and tell each other everything. I told him about my previous affairs and he didn’t have problem with it but I couldn’t tell him about the one with my present GM because I still work with him.

Somehow, he got to find out through one his friends who knows my boss. It’s not as if he was told the details but he came from a meeting last Friday asking so many questions. It was about my boss and I had to confess to him.

Although what I had with my boss was a fling, he felt I was too cheap as he never asked me out but told me meet him in his house when his wife was away and I did and it happened. Just twice.

My husband keeps saying he doesn’t trust me anymore. He’s stopped touching me and he rarely talks to me and raises his voice now

He has a good job that pays well and his salary dwarfs mine but I love the job and my career.

What can I do to win him back? I’m confused. Help. No insults please

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