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Please guys I need your advice and suggestions please:
There is this girl I have been dating for over a year now, I love her so much and intend to marry her soon. I think she loves me too.

She’s currently doing her Nysc in cross river while I am in the north. We haven’t seen each other since last November though we always chatting and talking on phone like everyday. We have been so cool over the past few weeks and we arranged for her to come see me this week, Thursday to be precise. I even sent her 10k for transportation.

Now after we talked last night and she agreed to come on Thursday, she called me early this morning around 6am only to tell me there was a problem, when I asked her what it was, she told me despite the fact she loves me so much and wants to be with me, she’s breaking up with me because she doesn’t want to be having sex anymore, that she’s not okay with her spiritual life.

I was devastated and all my efforts to try talk sense into her has been in futility! Now the problem am having is that this girl happens to be the only woman in my life, for over a year we, ve been together I have not cheated on her despite the distance. I love her so much and I have always wanted to end up with her. I always did everything possible to make her happy and I, ve never hurt her before.

Please guys I don’t want to lose her, what do I do.

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