Finding a perfect girl for dating has become more difficult nowadays. Some are too busy to build a career as soon as possible, the others prefer non-committed relationships, and the last ones are too obsessed with themselves. What would you do if you heard that perfect girls exist today? Would you not believe us? Well, you should. They live in Russia and they are off to the races. Need some proofs? Here are 7 reasons you should date a Russian girl.

1. Faithfulness. Russian girls are taught to respect serious relationships since childhood. Their loyalty to men is endless. Cheating and promiscuity is a rare phenomenon among the Russian girls, so if you are tired of endless betrayal, pay attention to these ladies. In your turn, you also have to be faithful and trustworthy; otherwise, your relationships are doomed.

2. Femininity. Russian women care a lot about their appearance, regardless of their marital status. They always look fantastic no matter where they are and they know how to represent themselves to men. Gorgeous haircut, teasing dresses, skinny jeans, skirts, and feminine accessories are the part of their everyday image.

3. Beauty. Every western man knows the legends about Russian girls’ beauty. Their appearance is beyond compare, which helps them to stand out among the rest of women in the world. In addition, they know to emphasize their uniqueness and don’t feel shame for that like most of western women who are touched by feminism. Be careful, you can experience an extreme jealousy when dating such a beauty at

4. Intelligence. Russia, as well as other Slavic countries, is famous for its well-read citizens. It is also popular and common to get an academic education after school for both boys and girls. Being uneducated is a huge disgrace for Russians, and women are not an exception. They are taught to be versatile, it is common for Russian girls to visit different courses and develop their skills, and finally, they read a lot. This makes them perfect interlocutors, which deserves a great honor. However, they never show off with their sophisticated erudition and don’t show they are smarter than their men. They are aware of the fact men don’t like extremely intelligent girls. But don’t think they will date a silly man!

5. Sophisticated Skills in Housewifery. Russian girls are good cookers and they tend to keep their houses clean and cozy. This is because they are family oriented, and a house is a center of happiness. They aspire to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for relatives as their mothers and grandmothers always did. But notice, she won’t bear the indecent attitude to these skills. She is a woman first of all, not a housemaid.

6. Purposefulness. Women in Russia are family oriented indeed. However, most of them dream of building a career or at least applying much of their professional skills. Not all of them enjoy sitting at home 24/7 and cook dishes (but you know they can!) so they do their best to prove their professional reputation. They are great in combining housekeeping and work.

7. Sociability and Nice Sense of Humor. Russian girls are cheerful and life loving. They rarely focus on the negative and appreciate men with a good sense of humor, as they are good jokers themselves. As being hospitable and openhearted, Russian women are very attractive and they come together easily. Although a foreign humor may be difficult for her to comprehend, be sure they your friends and family will have a great pleasure when they meet your girlfriend from Russia. You will be much surprised with her positive view of life. Try J4L dating and get a perfect girlfriend.

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