As a rule, modern people are free to travel all around the world. If your finances and job allow, you can spend your entire life on the road. But what if traveling is not your main activity and you’ve met a special girl who is actually a travel addict? Here are 8 important factors that may influence your relationship with a woman like this. Find out with Romance Compass Brides!

1. She will not always be available for communication. One of the core things to know before dating an enthusiastic traveler is that you won’t be able to spend too much time together due to her busy schedule. People who have wanderlust in their veins are typically freelancers so they don’t have to stick to one and only place. If your lifestyle is absolutely different from hers, there is the risk of a breakup. 

2. Prepare to carve out time from your schedule. Her visits may be rare, you know it. Furthermore, they may be spontaneous and you will have to adjust your plans to her schedule. Not that it was something terrible or hard to complete yet it might be somewhat irritating. In some cases, you must give up your interests in the name of bigger things.

3. A trip will be the best gift for her. People who are in love with adventures and new impressions prefer getting special gifts. Instead of spending your money on jewelry or restaurants, you’d better confess your love by arranging a romantic vacation for the two of you. Indeed, what can be more exciting than going to new cool places with your beloved one?

4. She will expect you to share her adventures. If you don’t like traveling, you should probably not date a girl who can’t live without world tours. But if you have nothing against opening new horizons, your significant other will be happy to take joint trips from time to time.

5. Be ready to reach compromises. Couples, where partners live their lives differently, are prone to arguments and even fights. Dissimilar lifestyle habits mean conflicting goals and interests. No relationship survives if lovers fail to understand each other and agree on particular matters.

6. This may impact your financial state. When you date a girl who dedicates most of her life to traveling, you likely join her on some trips. This means you spend more money on pleasures than an average guy with middle income. Even though there is a plenty of cheap options, traveling across many countries and continents can eat your money up. Think how you can handle it!

7. It might be more difficult to build a connection. When your beloved one is far away and it happens regularly, your communication might get poor. A very dangerous factor! It is impossible to build a healthy relationship without the mutual trust, proper verbal and non-verbal interaction, and understanding. You two should work out the strategy that would allow you to actively participate in each other’s lives.

8. It might be a bit like an LDR. A long-distance relationship I mean. This is quite a risky undertaking because not all daters are capable of maintaining the strong connection without regular contacts. In particular, your fidelity might suffer from the absence of communication. When your girlfriend is on the other side of the planet, you start thinking of what she might be doing right now and with what guys. Likewise, there is a seductive opportunity to have fun with other girls in your environment.

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