Happiness is never too much. Even when everything goes well, we start looking for flaws in relationships with our loved ones; torturing ourselves with unreasonable guesses and assumptions. And, in the end, we get mutual misunderstanding, distrust, and unspoken thoughts turned into hidden grievances. Thanks to our friends, russian brides online, for providing us with these charming ideas.

Two sides of the same coin

If we give a global assessment of relationships between a man and a woman, we can distinguish two significant aspects: the relationships within the home circle far from prying eyes and the relationships outside the home circle (this applies to those who are not yet married). You must determine for yourselves which of these aspects is more important for you.

How to choose a partner for life?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Probably, everyone does it at least once at some point. It’s better to do this before you make a mistake. For both above-mentioned aspects, you need to determine the partner’s qualities that would be most significant for you. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you won’t find it. You may have heard people saying: “There is something wrong with her (him).” But mostly they can’t tell what’s wrong.

Take the pen and a notepad. Write: “My loved one should be: …” And then list all the qualities you would like to see in your second half. And to make this task easier, take all you write down seriously. Don’t write that the woman you’re dreaming about should be perfect. Everyone has their own notion of perfection. Find yours. For this, describe your desires as detailed and realistic as possible.

First, describe what your perfect life partner is like at home or work, in a team, among friends, how she/he likes to spend free time, what she/he does and how behaves in difficult situations, how she/he solves problems, reacts to jokes, etc.

It will probably be hard for you to make this description the first time; you may need time to think. After a few days, reread the list and make corrections and clarifications, if necessary. Most likely, you’ll never meet a person who will match everything you wrote. Therefore, distinguish five basic qualities that are most important for you.

By the way, don’t forget that there are no perfect people, and your list may not necessarily contain only positive traits.

Soon you will start estimating people according to the given parameters. And when you meet the right person, you’ll have no doubts that it’s the one you were looking for.

Accept each other as you are

The most important thing in keeping the relationships going is the ability to accept each other as you are; when you don’t have to pretend, trying to please your second half. The preservation of individuality is important for both men and women but with one difference. Women always want to feel loved and desired, and men want to feel respected and understood.

You can end any argument with a woman by telling that you love her, as well as any quarrel with a man can be stopped by telling that his opinion is important.

By accepting each other as we are, we retain our right to choose and independence in decision-making. Happiness consists of small things. The relationships become perfect when both partners do what they want and when they want it knowing that they’ll not be judged.

Share your love with each other

Love, appreciate, and know how to forgive and accept each other not only in joy but in sorrow. Then love and happiness will become your constant companions throughout life. After all, every dream comes down to satisfying our simplest desires. And if someday you begin having doubts, remember – your partner is next to you because you chose her/him among others.

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