So you met a charming woman, and now you’re going to ask her out on a date in some cozy and quiet place. But there is one problem – you don’t know where to go. Men often wonder where to invite a girl to come across as an interesting person with a sense of taste.

Here are some places to take your new girlfriend to, and a few ones that you should avoid when going on a date.

There is no worse place for a date than

1) A park or apartment

If a man asks a girl out on a date in a park next to his house or right to his apartment, it means that he’s lazy, and his financial possibilities are limited. As a rule, such men don’t tend to go far from their place and don’t want to spend much effort, time and money on a woman to win her heart. And it means that they are not interested in any relationships.

2) A shopping center

Caution for men: if a woman wants to meet at a shopping center, be prepared to hear her asking to buy something as a gift. And there are many such girls. For the same reason, you should also avoid such places when asking someone out on a date.

3) Meeting her parents

When a girl invites you to her place, make sure that you don’t meet with her parents at the doorstep. Otherwise, your romantic evening will be spoiled and turned into a long interrogation. Her parents will pull out all the information they want from you.

There is no better place for a date than

1) The zoo

Apart from animals, there are also a lot of children in the zoo. A person’s attitude towards both can give an idea of his/her character traits and life plans. Imagine a bunch of children running around screaming, crying, asking their parents for toys and sweets, pushing each other. Their behavior causes absolutely different reactions in adults. Someone begins to teach them good manners, some immediately get a headache, others just silently smile, and some try to make funny faces to kids. You can’t hide under the mask of your image in such place. The way your companion reacts to the behavior of animals can also tell a lot about her character.

2) Biking, rollerblading, skating

Depending on the season, you can invite your new girlfriend to go to the rink, ride a bike or horse. In a word, it all depends on your personal hobbies. You’ll not only learn about the sporting abilities of your new girl but also find out how hard she is and if she’s able to assist you in a difficult situation. For example, if she can help you inflate a tire on your bicycle or catch you when you fall.

3) Cinema, theater

Going to the cinema is perhaps the cheapest option for a date; it fits for not very talkative or shy people. The last ones should choose a movie properly. If you expect that the horror film will make your girl hide in your arms, you can get the opposite effect. There are girls who love horror movies, and for others, such film can spoil the romantic mood. If you want your date to go smoothly, you should choose a sentimental melodrama with a happy ending.

A trip to a theater will add a bit of aristocracy to your date. Besides, the way your companion dresses for such event, says a lot about her.

4) Restaurant

Going to a restaurant is a date for gourmets. Food habits indicate a person’s propensity for a particular lifestyle, whether it’s vegetarianism, diets, passion for a beautiful and expensive life, or the desire to be fashionable even in what they eat.

Some say that what a person eats and how he/she does it, tells a lot about her/his libido. Therefore, if you don’t like how your companion eats her dinner, you, probably, understand on a subconscious level that she is not to your taste.

But wherever you go with your attractive companion, the main thing is that both of you enjoy each other’s company.

We have gathered this information thanks to our friends from the best Dating Ladies.

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