Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars in The World

Could you imagine how much the celebrities spent the money for their rides? Check out the Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars in The World below, you will be surprised.

10. Kim Kardashian

Usually was taken a picture in her Bentley Continental GT, this Reality Show Star, Kim Kardashian looks hot when she shew her new Ferrari F430 off. This Italian manufacture car costs US$186.925 and Kim spends US$3.812 for a month for its treatment.

9. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton chosen a pink Bentley Continental GT with the diamonds in its dashboard as a christmas present in 2008 for herself. She claimed that she is a fanatic of barbie, that’s why she chosen that pink color for her US$285.000 car.

8. Sean P.Diddy Combs

Sean P.Diddy give a Maybach for his son, Justin, as a gift for his 16th birthday. Tied up with the red tape, this expensive car which cost US$360.000 absolutely not for Justin who haven’t a drive license yet to learn how to driving.

7. David Beckham

Road of Beverly Hills become a witness of Beckham’s Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. The car which cost US$407.000 not include the special design wheel and accessories will make you just stare on it.

6. Jay Leno

Jay Leno, one of the celebrity who is a fan of the big cars chosen Mercedes SLR McLaren for one of his ride beside Stanley Steamer 1906, Dodge Challenger 1970, and the newest of EcoJet in his seventeen thousand square feets garage.He claimed his Mercedes SLR McLaren could run more fast than a Porsche and if you want to know more about Jay Leno’s cars collection, just visit his online garage on

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