Speed, Comfort, and Prestige are the major factors why these celebrities below want to spend much money just for a car. So here is Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars in The World (Part 2).

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5. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is one of the celebrities who has a hobby which is influenced by his role in a film. He became a speed addict after starring his “Gone in 60 Seconds” movie. Nicolas Cage chosen Enzo Ferrari which can run 0-60 mph in 3,4 seconds. Unfortunately he has to sold its US$670.000 car because of his debt.

4. Jerry Seinfeld

Claimed as the one who has one of the best Porsche in the world, Jerry Seinfeld has to spend US$700.000 for his Porsche 959. Bad luck for him, the car which is produced just for 337 unit, doesn’t qualified US gas emition so he has to forget riding Porsche 959 for his daily activity.

3. Simon Cowell

The ex-judge of American Idol, Simon Cowell, really loves the speed, it is shew by his car. Has the ability to run 60 mph from stop in 2,5 seconds, his Bugatti Veyron which cost US$ 1,7 millions, considered as the second fastest car in the world. Beside his name is written in the waiting list for Cabriolet 100EX, Simon Cowell has collected Ferrari and Rolls Royce Phantom in his garage.

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2. Birdman

We should admit this American rapper is really expensive as it is written on his name card. He spent US$ 2.5 millions just for a car, Bugatti Veyron, one of the fastest and the most expensive one in the world. Even out of the mind for most of people, that US$ 2.5 millions car, it’s not an excessive thing if we see his position as the CEO of Cash Money Records.

1. Jay-Z

Fast, Expensive, and Crazy are the right words for his beautiful car, Maybach Exelero (beside his beautiful Beyonce off course). Fast, the car has the ability to run 60 mph from stop in 4,4 seconds though it’s a 2,66 ton weight stuff. Expensive, I am sure you will agree it is the most expensive car in the world if you know the cost US$ 8 millions, to have it one. Crazy, it is crazy to spend that much money just for a car if you can buy a palace with it, most of people will think like that including me, but seems it’s not a crazy thing for the man whose name is in the Forbes list as one of the richest in the world, like Jay-Z to buy US$ 8 millions car worth.

That’s all the 10 Celebrities which have the most expensive car in the world.

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