A man who has been described by his son to be worse than Lucifer has been convicted after it emerged that he repeated raped his son, wife and 18 other women-  over 900 times.

Brian McTaggart, 53 rom Dundee, destroyed the lives of 18 victims during a 24-year reign of terror.

The beast attacked and raped his ex-wife, Kathleren McMurchie up to three times a week during their 10 year marriage.  “He raped me two or three times a week over six years. He also raped me shortly after I had given birth.” she said

During one of the attacks, Mc Taggart threw a hairdryrer into her bath and hurled her down the stairs.

Kathleren who divorced the brute in 1993 and has remarried said McTaggart would say sorry and buy her flowers after the violence.

His son, David, 31 who waived his right to anonymity along with his mum, during his trial said the predator “ruined his life” and revealed he bathed in bleach after the alleged abuse in 2011.

“He was volatile. He battered me as a child but nothing homosexual until I told people I was gay. He raped me when his girlfriend was sleeping in the other room. I was hysterical. I spent eight hours in the police station that night then I went in for a bath with bleach in it, I still do that to this day” He said

Speaking to Jurors, David said his father became a monster once he opens a bottle of vodka “When he opened a bottle of vodka he changed. He behaved as if he was possessed by the devil.”

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David, of Blackpool, is battling an eating disorder in the wake of the trauma.

He suffered injuries aged 12 to 18 after his father rained blows on his head and stabbed his fingers into his eyes.

Jurors heard how another rape victim was choked and her head forced under water. A third was attacked four times as she slept.

McTaggart indecently assaulted girls and boys and physically abused women and teenagers.

In total, McTaggart was convicted of sexual and physical abuse against 18 victims in home city Dundee between 1980 and 2004.

Speaking on the case The Domestic Abuse Task Force leader described “McTaggart as a prolific and serial domestic abuser.

“He abused numerous partners, however, his offences are much wider and include the sexual and physical assault of children. His catalogue of offending is horrific. It spanned years and affected the lives of so many.”

Det Insp Fuller also praised the courage of victims who helped nail the monster.

“It’s only through the bravery of his many victims and witnesses in coming forward and disclosing the many offences he committed that he’s been convicted.” She said

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