A drunk woman bit off a man’s lip and ate it after being harrased for sexually harassing and touching other’s people’s boyfriends penis at a party. Katrina Morrison allegedly lunged at Martyn Ind, sinking her teeth in to his lip and ‘ripped at it like a dog’ when he tried to stop her fighting with his girlfriend. The row started after Morrison, 27, repeatedly grabbed two young men between the legs even though they were dating someone else, Gloucester Crown Court was told. At about 2am, Mr Ind and other men at the party went to buy some barbecue food from Tesco and met Morrison, whom they knew. They invited her back to join the party.

‘Her behaviour, however, was rather erratic,’ Ms Wood said. ‘She was drunk. She was trying to grope two young men between the legs. ‘Linda spoke to her about it and told her to stop but Ms Morrison lunged at her. Mr Ind went to Linda’s assistance and Ms Morrison then lunged at him, pushed him against a wall in the living room and grabbed him by the neck. She then bit his lower lip. ‘His reaction, in pain, was to go upstairs to the bathroom too see what had happened to his lip. He saw a chunk of his lip was missing. ‘He went back downstairs to see if he could find the missing part of his lip but it could not be found. He found he also had a bite mark to his left arm.’ Mr Ind went to hospital and returned a few hours later to find Morrison still in the house, the court heard. She apologised to him but he refused to accept it, and she then head-butted him. Police were called and she was ‘aggressive’ when they arrived and arrested her.

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