Chinese action star, Jet Li recently fueled concern about his health, but we are told it is nothing to worry about.

In 2010, Li was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, whose symptoms include muscle weakness and sleeping problems.

Recent photos of Li visiting a temple in Tibet seemed to depict him as very frail.

“We appreciate everyone’s concern. But Jet is completely fine. There’s nothing wrong with him. There’s no life-threatening illness. He’s in great shape,” Manager Chasman said.

“It’s one picture and people are making these interpretations from it. If you took a picture of me at the wrong angle and wrong time of the day, I could look frail as well.”

Li had revealed last year that even though he had been taking medication, the condition “kept coming back”.

We do not want anything bad to happen to our kung fu master, we still want him around for long.

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