Yesterday facebook user I.K. Okhai took to Facebook account to call out 3 Nigerian women campaigning for Nigerian Women to stand up and kill their Husbands if they cheat on them;

Nkechi Bianze, Anayo Ezennia, Libby Offem-Oke have secured for themselves a petition to the appropriate authorities for legal discipline for instigating Nigeria women to kill their husbands who they suspect are unfaithful. They call it “Revolution” and have embarked on this campaign relentlessly.
Unless on the circumstances defined by law, no one has the right to take the life of another in whatever guise, and this includes wives and husbands. This hate campaign by Nkechi and her cohorts against men must be halted and they must be brought to book.

Below are their Posts;

….Husbands should only secure their penis for their wife… The Nigerian Northern Women have taken a stern and lasting Approach to liberation, No Revolution ever happened without bloodshed None at all.

….Husbands have killed many wife so they have decided to strike first, This is what i call survival of the fittest , I Hope this revolution spreads like wild fire all over the world, especially in those parts of the world where women are considered as less than human….



Libby Offem-Oke has now taken to her account to apologize

At first I was just gonna laugh at the first post I was mention on. Now it appears I’m trending for the wrong reasons. So its no longer a joke.
You want to find out whether I said it or not…shouldn’t we rather be bothered about the immediate and remote cause of these murders? It is now in our face…call it whatever you want…its now our reality….
And yes…the post said they took a wrong approach. Why would anybody wanna kill a spouse? I still can’t figure it. By the way, I made two comments on that post yesterday. The second was about oppression.

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Why is that not trending too. And I also did a sub on it but it was ignored. Pls lets not change this narrative. All that was said on that comment was that these women chose a wrong way to liberate themselves. The difference is in the semantics. I cannot correct a wrong that majority has bought in to. Its a fruitless effort.
*By Preamble, I meant if these women go unpunished, we will see more of these murders. After all in the space of one week we had two murders*.
Please get this straight, I have never mentioned to anyone I am a Feminist. And I maintain my stance on “if the heat is too much…take an break before you making a final decision of leaving”. There are different ways we perceive things.
My name remains Libby Offem-Oke

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