Being a celebrity, money is never becomes an issue. That’s why high-paid actor like Johnny Depp can spent $100/day just for candles. This has something to do with Depp’s new hobby, aromatherapy, which becomes a way to inspired himself, by calming down self or getting some pleasure.

Johnny Depp, three times Academy Awards nominees, is always using a candle aromatherapy in his trailer. He also did it when filming “The Tourist” in Venice, Italy. Johnny Depp lights his favorite candle aromatherapy all day long.

“He spends about a $100 a day,” a source told. “His favorites are spice and lavender and he just lets them burn all day long. Sometimes during his breaks he sits around them meditating. He says he gets inspiration from them.”

Johnny Depp’s new movie, The Tourist, where he starred with Angelina Jolie, will be premiere on 2011.

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  1. Now I know what keeps Johnny Depp so handsome. I think I also need to have that aromatherapy. I just wish I have enough money for that kind of therapy.

  2. Alluring blog! Thanks for giving out this hearsay. It will be very constructive in regular part of site.

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