A teenage girl attempted to commit suicide by setting herself on fire following weeks of sexual harassment in Kal Banjara village, Sangrur district, India.

The 16-year-old suffering 75% burns was admitted to hospital in critical condition after she had doused herself in kerosene. The girl’s parents initially said she suffered the injuries after a cooking accident but her brother denied the infromation.

He said: “My sister studies in a government school, which is 10 km away from our home. She would take a bus. She told me that four men used to follow her in the bus and passed lewd comments on her. They once even tried to slap her. She was depressed for the past two weeks. We had asked her what was bothering her but she never disclosed anything.”

And only in police the frightened kid plucked up the courage to tell what had happened to her. She said: “They were harassing me for the past 15-20 days. They would pass comments, chase me and then surround me.

Such were their remarks and comments that I can’t even tell you. I didn’t tell my parents as I feared that my family would stop me from going to school. I wish to become a doctor and never want to discontinue my studies.”

Unfortunately, the girl died of her injuries. Four men have now been arrested and charged with making obscene gestures to a woman, outraging female modesty, abetting the suicide attempt of a minor, and violating the country’s Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

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