What makes Lamborghini so special so the Celebrities love it? I think one of the answers is because its Vertical doors.

(Ray J – Lamborghini Gallardo)

(Bam Margera’s Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster)

(Janet Jackson’s Lamborghini Murcielago)

Bam Margera, Ray J, Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, Chris Angel is just a few names of the celebrities who have Lamborghini that could be mentioned.

Justin Bieber

Though his Lamborghini doesn’t represent his sense of car, it still represent that brand car is a special thing and worth to be given as a special gift. As we all know together, Justin Bieber who turned 16 on March, got his Lambo from P Diddy as a birthday gift, “He said when I turn 16 he will give me his Lamborghini … but we all know Diddy’s not going to give me his Lamborghini, he’s all talk”, said Justin according to People.

Criss Angel

As you can see the picture above while The Magician climbed his Lamborghini Murcielago at the Venetian Hotel valet in Las Vegas, I think the car shew that there was enough evidence to count him as one who has some sick cars.

And you do not dare to said that you are a sick cars too if you are not have the Lamborghini in your garage, or at least its style if you think that I make the standard so high. It really easy to add the taste as it is had by Lamborghini to your common car, you don’t need to upgrade your engine so it has greater horsepower, neither modification the body, just a simple step, change your common door with vertical door as it is common for all Lamborghini cars. One of the superstore which sell various vertical doors or it is commonly called lambo doors for almost all brand car in the market is CarID.com, you can find lambo doors according to your brand, model, and the year of your car.

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Here are other Celebrities who don’t choose Lamborghini as their ride though, but still love the car which have vertical doors like Lamborghini.

(Paris Hilton with her vertical doors car)

(Paul Mitchell loves vertical doors car)

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