Man dies after his first wife allegedly scalded him with hot water for marrying a 2nd wife in Kaduna State

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Adedayo Peter Adebunmi After Now one deluded feminist will now come and tell me that it’s only women that suffers domestic violence in marriage.. Cuz he married another wife,? ?, so the next step as a wife is to go violent?? You sure deserve a Capital punishment for this capital offense.. Nonsense!! Wicked witch of the doom?!! ?
KC DE Real Boss Men should learn how to manage one wife, marrying a second wife won’t change any story,, either it makes the mata worst
I feel for the man sha… May his gentile soul rest in peace
Samuel Chikwendu Women beat men daily verbally and physically, but men’s ego will not let them come out publicly like women to lament. Ephesians 5vs33 husband love ur wife and wife respect ur husband. Many women don’t know what is respect
Chidozie Henry Power Lets let the cat out of the bag…the rate both men and women suffers domestic violence nowadays is uncalled for..but lets be sincere its heart breaking seeing a man whom you suffered with when he had nothing getting married to another woman who never knew where the rain stated beating the both of you only for her to come and enjoy what both of you suffered for years…i think the best way is to seek for divorce or better still walk away than doing something that will make you rot in jail..
Frank Naza Igwe Women these days.. take it easy Biko… Before you will make our young eligible bachelors keep running away from marriage…And you ladies will keep praying for husbands but the bachelors will cover ears with earphone
Stanley Chinda Waiting for someone who believes in the movement of “feminism” to come and justify this obnoxious and lugubrious act, they can never condemn it the only thing they will say is that he was wrong for marrying another woman. Surely they would justify it rather than to condemn it. The only thing I have observed in since the turn of the 21st century is gender bias and sexism nothing more. Let me give my little life a meaning bikonu.
Gift Ojiako Oh where are the ladies crying DV… Isn’t this DV….what ya have to say… Rip Man… Our fathers married 6 then no quarrels… If it’s a lady now u will hear them shouting no to dv
Keita Bubakar Bala It’s really an imprescritible acting and those wives deserve to stone in death… Nowadays women ain’t tolerant and don’t care anymore for causing sacrilegious act…. This is the way the world is going!!
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