The leader of the Biafra Zionist Federation (BZF), Barr. Benjamin Onwuka, who was reportedly released from prison 24hours ago, has vowed to restore the Republic of Biafra by March 15, 2017.
Recall that the pro-Biafra leader had three years ago stormed the Enugu Broadcasting Service (ESBS) with intention to make a live broadcast, in order to declare Biafra, but midway, security operatives acting on a tip-off, stormed the broadcast station and rounded up 12 of the BZF members, including Onwuka. ?He was, later incarcerated for three years.
Speaking with journalists at a press briefing in Enugu on Tuesday just few hours after regaining his freedom, Onwuka, who was exuding much confidence, said that there was no going back on Biafra.
He stressed that the re-enactment of Biafra Independence stemmed from the diplomatic relations his group, the BZF, had establised with America, the Great Britain and some other world powers.
“The state of Biafra will be announced on March 15, 2017 by the Zionist Federation. I, Ikedi Benjamin Onwuka will be leading Biafra. I will be the President of Biafra.
“The work we have done underground permits that America will endorse the Independent state of Biafra in March 15, 2017; we expect that this will come with the endorsement of President Donald Trump”, he stated.
He further claimed that ex-President Barrack Obama of the United States of America, approved the policy for an independent state of Biafra on October 15, 2014 and also garnered support for Biafra from Great Britain, France, Israel, Russia and some other world powers.
Onwuka added that it was incumbent on President Donald Trump to implement the action “since a siting President in America usually do not ignore foreign policies established by their predecessors.
“My confidence on President Donald Trump endorsing the restoration of an Independent state of Biafra hinges on the fact that ex-President Barack Obama made the approval.
“Since 2015, Biafra has been accepted worldwide due to diplomatic groundwork. Without America’s support, there will be no Biafra. Now that we have gotten America’s support, Biafra Independence is realizable.”
He attributed the failure to realize the Biafra project in 1967 by the late Biafra leader, Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, to lack of diplomatic relations with world powers.
On the perceived friction among the various pro-Biafra groups, he said:? “There will never be a day when all the pro Biafra groups will agree on every issue but the ‘Zionists’ have taken the upper hand because we established diplomatic ties with America, Great Britain and other world powers.
“The MASSOB, the IPOB and others are under the zionists; the IPOB for instance has never gone beyond River Niger. All that Nnamdi Kanu is doing is to be insulting everybody through his radio; he is not even sparing America and Britain. So, you can even see that his actions are inimical to the Biafra dream.
“The mistake our leaders made in 1967 was based on the fact that they failed to establish diplomatic relations with Russia, America and Great Britain.? Nnamdi Kanu is still toeing the same line.”
Onwuka disclosed that the new Biafra territory stretched beyond South East zone and Niger Delta regions to include Kogi, Benue, Nasarrawa states and many tribes in the middle belt.
“Also the maligned and maltreated people of Southern Kaduna, several enclaves within the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, including Seme Boarder in Lagos state to parts of Cameroon are part of us”, he claimed.
“It is going to be a Biafra nation for all. The Igbo tribe will not dominate the Ijaw or Igala tribe. There will be no discrimination. It will be a government of all. No person or region will have an upper hand. There will be free press. It is the bedrock of democracy.
“All those who died in the struggle will not be forgotten. Those who laid down their lives in the Biafra struggle paid the highest price. We would look for their families and take care of them”, Onwuka stated.
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16 thoughts on “I, Ikedi Benjamin Onwuka Will Be The President Of Biafra, Not Nnamdi Kanu!!”

    1. good day my fellow good citizens of our great nation Biafra, please its time we save our God-given strength for that glorious day which our dream will come to fruition.
      As the joy of victory will soon be ours’ whilst the shame of defeat will be the inheritance of all indignant saboteur(s) who want to blackmail our pursuit.
      All I wanna say to Ikedi & co is woe to them.

  1. God punish you ikedi after Nnamdi kanu has suffer fore Biafra , you want to be president is it because you are detained? God punish once again.

  2. ikedi do you know that you are a 419 but, yours is a lame 419.
    Go, tell those behind your ideas that the money they paid you to bring down the realization of Biafran nation is failed.
    You want to sell your brethren because of money.
    If you don’t take care you will perish before the Independent day of Biafra because God Almighty is with Biafra.

  3. dis fools r jux fighting for der own selfish interest…I wonder d price he paid (i.e sold Biafra jux like wot libya did or promise us ax Slaves) jux to get d backing of dis top countries….Fuck Biafra…God bless Nigeria

  4. You people have not made it yet and started fighting, it shows that even if you made it possible there will be no peace, there is noting like Biafra Nation forget it you can’t any part of Nigeria as Biafra or Biafrog if you like it God punished the devil that is behind you all

  5. you see why I always been saying that biafra will not have head biafra has not come people have already chosen themselves as leaders as president what rubbish

  6. I’m sorry for this man ikedi. I think his brain is now not working normal. he should be taken to hospital immediately before it gets worst. there is no any international law that permits a foreign President to endorse separation in another country without proper international legal processes. There must be a time frame allowed for proper consultation, sensitization, referendum etc etc.Take Southern Sudan case for example.
    These men of Biafra are selfish minded men..the eggs have not yet hatched they have started to count the checks. It’s time the government take them away from the society before they cause havoc and bloodshed to this country.I’m an Igbo man but I can’t accept nonsense from people I have that ara mad.

  7. Chai ara ga gba ndi ara,who know this stupid element that is bragging for post of president of Biafra.Mr Ikedi or Onwuka or whatever go sleep with your empty brain let your memory regain back because you are a cursed and disgraced by making a statement like these am ashamed of you by opened your duty mouth to this speech.
    Nnamdi Kanu all we Biafran known, Be patient till on fixed date 15th,March 2017.

  8. He that watcheth or builds a Nation without the L-RD, watcheth or builds in vain. The Ibo race is a divided house and do not speak with one voice. The trust in Nobles, Princes, Chariots, without a spiritual rebirth is in vain for remember, it is said, “Wow unto them who puts their trust in Nobles, Princes and Forces, but blessed is the man who trusts in the L-RD”. The L-RD sees the unbiased drive of the Iboman in National development, relative to other major tribes. Making home even in hostile territories and developing their Landscape and rebuilding their desolate heritages, without appreciation. Well the Egyptians (Triad god worshippers) felt it was divine instituted for them to spite and misuse the anointed race, but the G-d of Justice taught them otherwise. The issue of multiple offshore container driven Ibo emancipation groups, can be likened to the state of Israel, when the Seed of Benjamin – aka Nation and the son of the right hand – Saul was anointed King. Not all accepted even until his demise, but because their is a Spiritual backing for the State of Israel, it was able to actualize the prophecy. I repeat the Ibo race has not achieved the needed spiritual foundation to drive and achieve what its intending. The option of further dialogue with the Republic, has it been exhausted, because this decision is far fetching and carries enormous implications, repercussions, and sacrifices. Caution should be excised and most of all the Will of the L-rd should be sought. G-d bless all Nigerians, the vanquished and the Victor. Forget Gowon’s Statement, it is a ruse.

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