We know that Brad Pitt prefers ride a motorcycle rather than a car, but we never understand the reason. Whether it to avoid traffic, to look better than Angelina Jolie (we saw how hot she was when riding a motorcycle in Salt), or just because he loves it. But I think Brad Pitt need to consider it again after his vintage motorcycle broke down again.

Recently, on his way to film set in Los Angeles, Brad Pitt’s motorcycle disappointed him once more. The Inglorious Basterds actor’s Ducati failed to start. He failed to figure out the cause of the problem so called his car driver for advice, but the assistant was also unable to diagnose the fault. So, Brad Pitt decided to drive home in his car, leaving his employee to wait with the motorcycle in the street of Hollywood until help arrived.

It is the latest in a long line of bike problems for Brad Pitt – one of his rides broke down in last July, where the embarrassed actor was forced to hitch a lift with a member of the paparazzi when he found himself stranded in a residential area.

While in October 2009 the 46-year-old star was involved in a crash in L.A. Brad Pitt was thrown off one of his custom motorbikes seconds before confronting a paparazzo in downtown L.A. He was weaving through busy traffic when the eager photographer drove his Toyota Camry too close to the star. The actor lost his balance while swerving to avoid the car and clipped the wing mirror of a parked vehicle.

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Bradd Pitt’s obsession with motorbikes has seen him build a massive collection including a Ducati Desmosedici RR and a Monster 696.

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