Having hot s*x in the shower is fast becoming the fantasy of most young couples but it also comes with a lot of risks that should be considered for safety.
From getting shampoo in some place you’d rather not, to risking a p*nis injury, there are a lot more scary possibilities in shower s*x than you might realize. It pays to be careful.

Sure, there are great things to be said for having s*x in the shower. It is often spontaneous, and you can clean up immediately after. But, shower s*x also comes with its fair share of risks. Risks you would not have if you are having s*x on dry land.

1. Water is not a lubricant

Water isn’t harmful during s*x, but it is not lube and will often wash away one’s natural mucus and lubrication. As a result, some people will be tempted to use whatever is handy to replace their normal lubricant (soap, shampoo), but those can both cause a lot of irritation to the vulva and v*gina, as well as cause dryness of the penile skin.

The v*gina has been known to even develop cuts and tears from the non-lubricated penetration, which could mimic symptoms of a urinary tract infection, cause v*ginitis, and the change in pH to the v*ginal skin can attract all of those little microbes near the rectum to travel up the woman’s urethra, causing a greater risk for real UTI or kidney infection.

2. Condoms are less effective

Obviously wearing one is better than having zero protection, but you shouldn’t rely on this as your only form of contraception in the shower, and without one, you have no prevention against the spread of disease. According to the Lifestyles condoms website, it’s safe to use a condom in water as long as the condom remains on the p*nis.Unfortunately, condoms have a greater likelihood of slipping when wet, and a condom can’t be as effective as it needs to be if it’s not even on. Lifestyles’ site recommends to put the condom on before you get in the shower and to note that if the water contains chemicals such as chlorine or additives such as bath oil or bubble bath, it may harm a latex condom.

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3. You can get seriously hurt

Showers are slippery and this increases the likelihood of falling and getting hurt. Between the weirdo positions you’re pretty much forced to get into when you’re having shower s*x, coupled with everything being slippery in the shower, your chances of his penis bending in in a weird angle are also easily greater than in just about any other location.

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