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Oladotun Khadijat Oluwaseun, a 400-level Economics and Education student of UNIOSUN, Ipetu Ijesha campus used the sum of N200k, her school fees, for MMM and other things.

The 24-year-old lady was asked to bring in a guarantor who would write and sign an undertaking that she would pay the money before her result is being given to her.

The young lady who has been thrown into a state of depression was meant to start her first semester examination March 15th. The final year-student offering six courses which are to be spread over a period of two weeks had to run around in order to salvage the situation.

As part of the options given by the school, she was meant to provide a guarantor who would write the school on her behalf and pledge in order for the management to allow her write the examination.

The University of Osun student, who like a normal Nigerian university student, was dressed in a flowing gown on the day correspondent met her. Her look and demeanor made our correspondent probe her further as she did not allow her predicament to affect her physical outlook.

On this note, she fixed long lashes, painted her lips brightly and had a stud shining gloriously at the top of her left ear despite having a beautiful set of earrings hooked to her ears.

To her, she had done all she could to save the day by ‘hustling’ to get the sum of N50k to be paid into the school’s account. Oladotun said many of her mates who were in similar dilemma brought in parents and guardians to sign the undertaking for them. However, the student of Economics and Education could not call her parents as they have no knowledge of her actions in school.

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Having gotten the sum of N50K, a deficit of N150k to be paid even if she found a guarantor to sign the papers. Thus, she was not relieved. When asked how she spent her school fees, she went on to break down the way she spent it.

The 24-year-old explained that her school fees in 300L was N95K; of this amount, her parents gave her N40K in first semester and she spent it buying clothes, shoes and bags. In second semester, her father gave her the N55K balance and she used it in celebrating her birthday.

When correspondent asked her why she used that amount to celebrate her birthday, she answered by saying ‘our money has no value’. Oladotun is after all an Economics and Education student, she should know better.

Now in 400L, her father gave her N55K in first semester out of the N95K billed by the school. That was what she used for MMM. The slender lady said she was meant to get N100k but the scheme crashed.

Meanwhile, she has incurred a debt of N40K for late registration. When asked how this came to be, she said N10K was from 200L as she did not pay on time. N20K debt was incurred as she did not pay in 300L first and second semester. At the moment, she has to pay N10K for not paying her 400L school fees when she was meant to do so.

EXCLUSIVE: UNIOSUN graduating student who plundered school fees on MMM, seeks help to write final exam
Going with her to the acting registrar’s office, our correspondent along with her proposed guarantor were told that only a staff can sign for her. The acting registrar explained that this would help them deduct from the guarantor’s salary if Oladotun does not pay the money.
When the representative of the school discovered she had not paid her 300L school fees, he was embittered. He said there was nothing he could do for her even with the N50K she had in her hand.
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