Sometimes the ideas of your religious mentor and your ideas may be different. For example, a church that you regularly visit may neglect some traditions or even violate some moral principles. Moreover, there are some locations without a spiritual community. These reasons may cause you to start a church by own efforts. This task is not as complicated as it seems at first view. However, there are some pitfalls and peculiarities that should be taken into account during the process of starting own church.

Being a preacher

This is the initial step of creating a church. There are many ways to become a preacher including attending college or seminary courses. This requirement depends on the type of confession, because some religious organizations do not set strict rules to preachers. Nevertheless, it is important to obtain theological education, because this is a foundation of your future church.

Religious community

A preacher without its flock cannot perform its primary task. So, at first steps of creating a church, you need to find people that share common beliefs. You may hold gatherings and meetings in order to pull your future church members together.

An important remark relates to the formal foundation of a church. According to requirements of the Internal Revenue Service, at least three founding members must not be close relatives.

Church name

Your spiritual community must be named. Choose an appropriate name of your church and make sure that it is not similar to the names of nearby religious organizations.

Statement of belief

This is a key requirement of authorities. Your decision to start a church must be substantiated. Besides, describe the aim and doctrine of your church, as well as its difference from other spiritual communities.

In addition, the bylaws of the church is required. The activities and operations of your future church must be described. These operations may include funerals, weddings, and other religious events.

Formal incorporation

Since a church is a non-profit organization, it must be incorporated in accordance with the law. It is advised to hire an attorney to prepare all the documents related to tax exemption. In the process of incorporation you will have to confirm that the activities and purposes of your church will not be related to illegal actions, political campaigns, and legislation influence.

Bank account of a church is also a crucial point. It is recommended to choose the banks that have an experience of cooperation with religious organizations and churches.

New church members

Your spiritual community requires constant development. Likewise any brand, a church need promotion or advertising. But it is recommended to start with inviting people that will share your ideas and views. Be attentive to the environment and climate inside your community and avoid conflicts.

Place of church

It is crucial to have a venue for meetings and gatherings of your spiritual community. You may start the activities of your church in some rented premises, however, in some time you will need more space for your church members.

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