A blog reader from Imo state, Chika that is totally finding it hard to comprehend why her governor would appoint her sister as commissioner for happiness has written a letter to Imo citizens.

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Goodmorning Imolites.

My name is Chika Korie and I am a native of Imo state residing in the United States. I woke up yesterday to the news that our Governor Rochas Okorochas has appointed her sister as commissioner for happiness and couples’ fulfillment.

Please my good people, I have been scratching my head all day trying
to get the hang of this ‘happiness and couples fulfillment’ thing, could anyone who knows what it means
kindly help me out here, my scalp is already bleeding from my constant scratching. Everyone is laughing about this, but it doesn’t evoke laughter, it evokes sadness.

Commissioner for happiness, I thought that the workers and pensioners have to be paid first, have
money in their pockets to be happy? This is a mindboggling disappointment from Okorocha and the
disappointment is not just the fact that he appointed his sister, it is the senseless nature of the portfolio
he created and appointed her to manage.

The worse is, if Imolites and the whole Nigeria are complaining, Okorocha does not give a flying fuck, what kind of human person is this? How is his sister going to make people owed months of salary arrears happy?

The tension generated by the thoughtless statues he erected in Owerri has not diminished, yet he had
the guts to appoint his sister of the full blood a commissioner for a concocted and useless political post.

To show how desperate he was, he had to cook up or manufacture this very abysmal post –
Commissioner for happiness, under which ministry? Is she going to procure viagra and lubricants for Imo couples? What exactly will be her portfolio and functions? It would have been better he made her
Commissioner for Statues. I would really appreciate and thank anyone who can explain to me the job
description of this woman, I am perplexed.

Everything about this appointment is wrong, it is nepotism of the crudest form. The mere fact that he is
governor already opens doors for his family members. Honestly, the statues and this present appointment furor are things only a person of unsound mind can do, I honestly think that Okorocha needs his head examined. Imo state does not deserve this gratuitous insult, this high level of ridicule, something has to give, urgently too. I’m crying for my state Imo.

In that Nigeria, I do not know of any Governor that can beat the stupidity of Okorocha, what is worse is, he thinks he is the best that ever happened or will ever happen to Imo State, whereas he has set that
State backwards 25 years or more. Some people call him OkoroAwusa, which I frown at when they do
but, if I’m completely honest here, even the Hausa Fulanis won’t descend to this level of illogicality. This
is mis-governance at its highest peak, my state Imo is finished. Why does APC keep quiet while this man
rides it rough shod, messing Imo State up?

I have heard it said that Okorocha wants to be respected, that he wants to be taken as the best
Governor that Imo State ever had, and to cap things up, that he wants to rule Nigeria, haha. Well
Nigerians, you better start now to “stop his wants”.

He has shown to the highest extent, irrationality and lack of capacity to management. He is brash, thoughtless, inconsiderate, uncaring, insensitive, undiplomatic, rude, without consideration of possible consequences of his abhorrent actions, unthinking, injudicious, unwise, silly, reckless and destructive. This is no joke, he has debased Imo state
to stupor.

APC, Imo State House of Assembly and Imolites, I ask you pointedly, when is enough going to be

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