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Lately, it is popular to find people more interested in reading motivational materials as well as other more formal-inclined articles and books such as those in the field of politics, business, life hacks, and those in the entertainment and lifestyle categories. However, while those are good reads, a new study by Emory University Center for Neuropolicy, has shown that another genre that shouldn’t be left out of our shelves is works on fiction due to its positive effects on the brain.

The researchers of this study came to this conclusion after studying brain scan results of participants of the study who were asked to read a fictional book every night for a period of nine days. At the end of their observation, they noticed rapid brain activity in certain regions of the brain such as areas associated with language comprehension, but one finding which was something they weren’t expecting was brain activity in area associated with sensations and movement.

It led the researches to believe that the act of reading books on fiction puts the reader in the shoes of the protagonist, meaning that just by reading such books may help people feel like they are in fact experiencing what the character feels in the story.

Based on neuroscience, this matters a great deal as such works “strengthens the theory of mind” which refers to your ability to understand not just your own beliefs, emotions, thoughts and desires but that of others.

Relating this finding to our reality postulates that those in possession of this skill tend to excel in their fields.

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Moreover, great leaders often have strong theory of mind as they are able to relate with the emotional states of others and how it will impact their leadership as human interaction is truly is a critical part of almost all industries.

The study also found that the effects of reading fictional stories also have lasting effects on the brain. It is also believed to have positive implications for children and the role of reading in shaping their brains.

So I think everyone, both children and adults alike should try inculcating books on fiction into their reading habits to get the most out of the brain’s capabilities.

It is believed that Einstein used only about 10% of his brain capacity. Ever wondered how much you use?





source: inc.coma

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