Dating a Russian woman may be a sensational experience. Russia is famous for its women who are perfectly beautiful and incredibly passionate. Russian women are exceptionally attractive thankfully to the qualities they possess. A Russian woman is intelligent, caring, reliable, and loyal. What can you expect from dating a Russian girl? You should prepare yourself for something entirely new. And what is most important you won’t regret it. However, dating a Russian girl may also have negative features. It is up for you to decide whether they are significant or not. Here are pros and cons of Russian dating.


Russian women are very open. They are also naturally curious. They like new experiences and may surprise you with their creativity.  Therefore, to communicate with them is both interesting and easy. You will be amazed by their ability to keep the conversation flowing well. You can approach them without hesitation as they like making new friends and socializing. This feature can be applied to all Slavic women. Without any doubt, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Russia have the best women.


Russian women are very passionate. Dating with them will bring you closer to happiness. In relationships Russian women can make you feel better by approaching you in a most pleasant way. There’s something about women in Russia that make them so ruthless about sensual relationships, romance, and love. Dating them will surely give something to think about. For example, how lucky you are or why are you feeling so good.


Dating Russian women can show you what peaceful and harmonic relationships look like. Russian women are very understanding. They are both caring and sympathetic. You can expect them to support you in all ways possible. Talking and cooperating with them is easy. They can also widen your worldview by introducing you to many new experiences.

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Russian women are very smart as are other Slavic women. You can easily meet a woman with a master’s degree who knows more than two languages. Due to that Russian women are neither boring, nor irritating. Having them by your side may impress you beyond any measure. They are rational and express themselves in a logical manner. Thanks to this fortunate circumstance they can become a reliable partner in relationships, the one you can truly count on.


There are also disadvantages of dating a Russian woman. They are mostly the things which apply to all Russian people generally. Some are also applicable to Slavic people. Remember that it is always better to look on the bright side of things. Therefore, it is up to you whether to consider some of the prejudices based on national character or ignore them completely.


Russian women are known to be rude and impolite. Foreigners commenting on their interaction with Russian women say that some of them were behaving without any manners. It means that they were speaking loud, making silly jokes, and pretending to be completely indifferent to everything that happens around.


Some men commenting on their dating experience with Russian women stated that they happen to be cold and shut down. In other words, approaching them is difficult. They are also known to be egoistic, proud, and aggressive.

So, now you know why you should or shouldn’t date a Russian girl. It seems that their best qualities overweight their insignificant disadvantages. After all, we’re all humans and we can all be impolite, indifferent, and aggressive sometimes. The important thing, though, is to keep looking on the bright side. Good luck!

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