Kunle Afolayan says he is afraid he may not live long because of his obsession with film making.

Just coming off the set of his soon-to-be-released epic movie, ‘October 1’, the workaholic filmmaker is disturbed that his obsession may not end well and he took to his Facebook wall to post his thoughts.

‘My Obsession with filmmaking makes me think I may not live long’ he wrote, immediately adding that ‘I forbid it though’.

‘I got back to Lagos yesternight very tired and sleepy after 42days of shoot, got home ate then went to bed. All I see throughout my sleep are the shots I took and those that I felt I should have done differently. Woke up this morning and all I have in my head is the deadline of the trailer release which in October 1, 2013, in about 11 days and the completion of the whole project. Yes, am very passionate about film making but I think being too obsessed is not healthy. What do you guys think?’

There have been fears from some of his associates that Afolayan’s obsession for his latest project could wear him out as in the last couple of months, he has worked tirelessly to make sure that the movie is released before year end.

The movie, NET has gathered, has already gulped a staggering sum of N100million and about N200million is still needed to see the movie to completion.

The multi award-winning producer is known for shooting high budget movies-some of which are ‘The Figurine’ and ‘Irapada’.

Afolayan plays lead character ‘Dotun’ in Tunde Kelani’s on-going project. He resumed on set immediately after leaving his own October 1 set. Talk of no days off.

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