It is practically impossible to list the top 10 best Yoruba actors of all time without mentioning Dele Odule. The ace thespian has proved his talent time and again in over 100 movies and he doesn’t show any sign of tiring.
The actor who is celebrating his 40th year on stage told Sunday Scoop about his most embarrassing moment. He said, “One experience I can recall is when I came across a female fan and she was carrying sachet water. Immediately she saw me, she poured the water on my face in excitement. It was really embarrassing because if it was pepper or hot water that she was carrying, she would have poured it on me too. However, I take it all in my stride because the beauty of life is for one to be relevant to his generation.”
Speaking about the important lessons he has picked up in the industry thus far, Odule said, “I have learnt to be disciplined because if you are not, you may not make headway in the acting profession. It has made me more intelligent because creativity requires intelligence. It has also opened a lot of doors for me. I never thought that I would travel out of the country but this profession has given me the opportunity to visit a lot of places. However, acting takes away your privacy and there are so many things that you wouldn’t be able to do.”
Conversely, the actor also recounted his saddest moments in the industry. He said, “One of my saddest moments was when I lost my first son, which was at the period when we were clamouring to lead the theatre practitioners association. I’m not insinuating that his death had anything to do with my aspiration but it just happened at that time. The other sad day for me was when we left ANTP to form Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria.”
Odule was also vehement in disagreeing that TAMPAN has been largely silent. “Majority of the people in the mainstream of the acting profession today are members of TAMPAN and if you hear about those people, then you are indirectly hearing about the association. Our members include Jide Kosoko, Yinka Quadri, Odunlade Adekola, Antar Laniyan, Femi Adebayo, Sanyeri, among others. We have also organised a lot of capacity building for our members and encourage them to go to school,” he said.
The thespian also stated that he is passionate about reviving the culture of stage plays, which he plans to take around the nation.
source: KemiFilaniBlog
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