Fans and followers have been accusing Seyi Law and his wife, Stacey, for not watching their baby’s weight.

Lepacious Bose wrote,

So I woke up this morning seeing posts of people who are speaking up against ignorant people insulting Tiwaloluwa @seyilaw1 ‘s baby. 

If the negative comments were about Seyi himself I will not say a word, he can handle himself, but for people to use words like obese, fat, ugly on a 6 months old baby is taking body shaming to a whole new level. 

When did we become this mean and evil, is it in the water we are now drinking or the side effects of the radiation in mobile phones, is it a social media madness???? I don’t get it?

She’s just 6 months old for crying out loud and bitter and evil words are already thrown at her, how heartless.  

Pls what weightloss recipe do you have for a 6 months old, what exercise routines should she be doing ooo? All these ITK Talking of exercises she went swimming yesterday ooo that is to show her parents know how to take care of their own child, abeg take care of yours. 

Tiwaloluwa (Instagram)


This is how low self esteem starts, people will say evil things like your daughter is so black, you son is cutter than your daughter, why is your son so slow etc….it is evil and wicked!!!

Most times those who say these crude things don’t have their own kids yet, because if you do you will know how it feels to hear hateful things about your child.

And don’t tell me it’s @seyilaw1 who put her picture out there, she’s his baby, he is proud of her and why not? Is that a crime? Is he the first person to celebrate his baby?

If you have issues with Seyi., take it up with him not with this darling little angel.  Pls let’s stop cyber bullying it’s not right.

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Seyi Law and Stacey welcomed their daughter last year

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One thought on “Comedienne Lepacious Bose Slams Those Fat-Shaming Seyi Law’s baby.”

  1. I know this baby did not arrive this world this plump. THE FOOD is the cause. If the baby has been on exclusive mother’s Brest milk since birth, then it is from the mother’s food nature she herself had been on. The innocent baby SHOULD NOT BE SPOKEN OF IN THE CARELESS LOVELESS MANNER SO EXPRESSED. Most NIGERIANS have always been badmouthers. Social media has provided them with FREE RADIO/TV to show their expertise in audio wickedness. Buhari has been getting much of their hot-pepper soup.

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