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Comedian Alibabahas reacted to the N49 Million found at the Kaduna Airport by EFCC operatives two days ago. Read what he wrote on IG below.

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‘‘Some time ago, I wrote about how cash movement drove up the exchange rate of the dollar. I smiled when I saw this. Not because it is amusing, but because I know that bit by bit, we will get it right. Remember when there was no BVN, monies will leave government accounts and enter a non-government account and disappear. 

No traces. But not anymore. In fact, you will be amazed at the number of abandoned accounts that people have refused to verify. They can not link those accounts to their BVN. Yawa will gas. So what have they resorted to? They have resorted to hiding the monies in soakaways, Graves and tombs, abandoned buildings, etc. 

Trust me, if that money had been converted to dollars, one handbag or hand luggage is all it would have required. And again, do you know how much of such cash movement helicopters have done across the country? But instead of how to make laws to check all these, it’s uniform of the CG of customs that is the problem. What laws have been made stem the onslaught of piracy and kidnapping? Or to check corruption.’


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