Actor Tonto Dikeh has said that philanthropy is her passion and she emulated the character while being a cheerful church member.

In a conversation with Rubbin ‘Minds, the actress-host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu told her that she was a dedicated born-again Christian before daring in the entertainment industry.

She said, “Before I entered the amusement world, I was always born again. I was a member of a church that was great in giving. I received that doctrine and I have been involved for so long.

“I’m actually known as a very strong woman. That’s something I’m looking for so hard. I’d like people to see the better side of me, more of my philanthropic side. Because that’s my passion, my life. ”

Dikeh has ever begun to share personal information about her life with the public. Now the reverse is the case.

She refused to answer questions relating to her personal life. However, she focused on how she felt when her alienated husband Churchill Olakunle checked the story of their marriage.

“In the beginning, it bothered me a lot, it was killing me,” she said. “But then I came to a point where I realized that no one cares about me or the situation that happened to me in one way or another.

“Everything I do there is for their entertainment, no one really cares about it. What I went on, I went on. I do not intend to confirm my pain from the past to someone.

“I’m about to go ahead and dump every weight that has dumped me for a long time and been as successful as possible. Whether you believe me or not, it does not matter.”

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She said she did not regret giving exposure interviews about her marriage, as it made other victims of domestic violence clear.

Nevertheless, Dikeh said she still plans to take legal action against her husband, but will not announce the charge.

“I’ve tried to drag him to court. We are still busy. It takes time,” she said.

Asking whether she worries about her son and whether the current situation has an impact on him, the actress said it was for her to assimilate as a mother and not to the public.

The actress said she is working on an exciting project that she can not reveal, but she thinks it is the audience in which she was conducting war.

One thing she revealed was that it was not related to the film, but her foundation, the Tonto Dike Foundation, is a major part of the project. The foundation, she said, would build a school for less privileged and victims of all forms of violence.

The singer had ever dared to dance to music in her career. She signed a record contract with Dbanj’s DKB record label and released music under the label.

Dikeh, an independent artist, said music is still on the agenda and is currently working on it.

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