Kemi olunloyo narrates her expreince at the hand of man who yelled at her at the ATM. she said one of her fans on facebook recorded the whole ordeal. Don’t know what to make of it, but here is her narration below.
Quote@iamyomie taped me at the ATM in Ibadan Jan 6th 2017 when some sorry ass man decided to disrespect me and call me names saying I was “too slow” at the machine when I was paying bills and recharging on Quickteller. These illiterates think ATM is only for withdrawal of money. I’m an advocate of gender equality and will not entertain bullshit. U just don’t disrespect a woman in public. They are not your wife or daughter! He was seconds away from feeling my palms when bank officials saved him.

Here I’m narrating to the crowd that in America I would have simply SHOT him telling police he endangered me and prolly tried to rob me and he’ll simply end up in the mortuary. Using that narrative on the second incident where I slapped a man in 2014 at a chemist right by that ATM for calling me a bastard woman simply bcos I asked the pharmacist why people just walk in buying antibiotics, a class of prescription only drugs in modern countries. The moral of the story is that nobody should slap anyone in public. When a woman is slapped like the TVC example, nobody talks. There are some women who respond. One is #MadamHNN . Pls don’t phyuk wit me. I’m a female street TERRORIST!

1. Army officer at Moniya checkpoint trying to get a bribe while holding an AK 47 at night and I was in a government vehicle-2012
2. NPF officer that slapped me in front of my house and I slapped him back and grabbed his gun pointing it at him -2006
3. Security guard at MITV #Ibadan who called me names after my 50th birthday show demanding I clean up the table used to cut my giant birthday cake which all their staff ate. I slapped him twice. U don’t wanna hear what he said to me. That incident made me quit the station and I took my health show online instead-2014
4. Man at pharmacy calling me bastard woman for asking a pharmacist why he’s purchasing antibiotics without a prescription-2014
5…that man at the ATM was avoided by bank officials and fans like @iamyomie-2017
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Kemi Olunloyo Lashes Out at a Man Who Disrespected her at the ATM @hnnafrica Video: #PulseTV

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