This Photo Of Actress Regina Daniel And Mom Spaerked A Controversy Online

Teen actress, Regina Daniels yesterday shared a photo of herself and Mom Rita Daniels, Kissing on the lips, and this has caused a lot of controversies, as many rule it as wrong for a mother and her grown daughter to share a kiss on the lips.

She posted the photo on her Instagram with the caption;
“Motherly love….abi daughterly love my love for my mama no go fall like dollar
#creamysquad #creamyyo #reginadaniels #creamyq”

Well from the above caption, you could denote the innocence of the photo, and it was simply to Regina, a daughter sharing a loving kiss with her mom.


But some Nigerians have spoken up against the act, condemning it as wrong on every level, they retained that love for one’s mother can be shown in different ways, why result to a kiss spouses would share?

But others have said that there is really no big deal in Regina kissing her mom, that this is done everywhere and no one frowns at it apart from Nigerians whose culture and religion have beclouded their judgement.
But what do you think? Is kissing your mom on the lips like Regina Daniels did with her mom a good idea?

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