Pretoria beauty Queen, Sharon Rose Khumalo, is the newly crowned Miss Mamelodi Sundowns. At 21 she discovered she was an intersex. Sharon does not have ovaries or a uterus and will not be able to have children as a result.

In an interview with Sowetan, Sharon who was among the top 16 finalists at Miss SA beauty pageant in 2016, said she was ‘shattered’ after she learned about the situation.

‘I just wanted to go home and cry. Sometimes I am okay and then on some days I look at other women who have children and I know I will never have that, but I have learned to accept that this is the situation and I can’t really change that.’

Intersex is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.
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Source: Times Live
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  1. Sharon shut down your mouth are you God, who told you that nonsense that you can never have a child, who is the doctor without God, only if you want to have a child, you can get it, Mathew 7 send ask and you shall receive, so go to the giver of child and ask him for your own, not going to the doctor, a woman in my church give birth of a baby boy without a womb. You too can have your own, from pastor Chimechefulam Jerusalem ejindu, +2349086295881

  2. @chimechefulan u liar. they just said someone is an intersex and you are saying nothing is impossible. you better be realistic

  3. I Believe In GOD Almighty Who Makes All THINGS New He Also Prefer UGLY Situation Like This Than Minor Case So My DEAR SHARON You Will Still Have Babies ONLY If You Can Draw Closer To Your MAKER And Cry Unto HIM For Your Case Is To HIS Own GLORY REMEMBER The BIBLE Says He Can Do All THINGS And I Will Like To Direct You Where You Will Encounter All POWERFUL GOD In A Special Way Just As You Come With Your FAITH.Thanks!!!

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