As written by Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo.

‘Ladies, Not every man who cheats on you is bad! it’s in their nature to cheat as every man has a bit of it deposited in them. He may love you but still cheat on you, as long as he respects, care and keeps it far away from you. it’s a twisted world my dear but that’s just the fact’.

‘If you find one who doesn’t cheat on you then you are extremely blessed but A man who makes you feel less of your self, a man who enjoys seeing you beg and wail, a man who doesn’t care if you fall into depression a million times until you run mad, a man who makes you feel like nothing, a man who throws your love back to your face at every given opportunity, a man who feels you are so unattractive that he doesn’t want to take you out anymore giving you that low self esteem, a man who never appreciate anything you do for him, a man who feels your opinion doesn’t count, a man who feels you should be seen and not heard, a man who feels without him you are nothing, a man who will only have you when he wants you, a man who doesn’t fight for you, a man who condemns you to his friends and side chicks, a man who looks at you with so much irritation, a man who flaunts his side chick in front of you, a man who is physically & mentally abusive towards you and sometimes your kids, a Man you have to always beg to perform his manly duty before he agrees to touch you! That man is so bad and so wrong for you.
‘Stop asking me what should I do? Oh the society and my friends will mock me, oh my kids! Hello woman, wake up he doesn’t love you, stop looking for excuses for him, his love was never real in d first place, Mrs is not a do or die matter, your happiness should always come first, you should always come first, it’s only when you are in the right frame of mind that you can take good care of your kids. For the record, mothers who vent their anger on their kids for failed husband issues should stop it! No be them send you message’.
‘You made d choice and it turned out wrong, you can always make it right without him! You either die trying or take a reality check and walk out! it’s never too late! If you stay in it well – all the best! Its a lost battle and you are on your own. Your happiness must always come first if you truly want to live for your kids and yourself #strongwomen #strongmothers #strongwomensupportingrealwomen’.
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15 thoughts on “Not every man who cheats on you is bad – Actress, Iyabo Ojo writes”

  1. can someone please tell our female celebrities to please stop telling other women to work out of their marriages if it’s not working. I see such comments as a distraction and discouragement to the single ladies out there who wishes to settle down. rather than uttering such words, they should help in building homes and families touching lives of people through the media and other means like counseling because people see them as role model and mentors.

    1. You said it all… but you just don’t walk out like that take a tour look and ask yourself if you really want to quit,life always gves us opportunity and I am a lady I can’t stand all this..

  2. If your marriage is not working well you are the responsible for it, why? because there is no woman outside how will come and make things work well rather she will come and talk him away from you. So ladies sit down and tilk well make it work because that is why you have be marriad to him.

  3. all she has said is a lies trying to deceive orther ladies please dnt buy that idear walking out of your mariage wll never help hte situation if atall you are withnessing in your mariage .if its not worlking the way you expect it you have role to play to make it worlkfor both of you and you wll see change if truely you love the man

  4. How so wrong most of u re for hating on dat advice. lets stop deceiving our selves. when a guy cheats on you, it does nt mean he does nt love u. most of us hav had experiences pertaining to that. At times it may nt be wrong to leave your marriage if u both hav zero compatibility u can. But u re better advised to study ur spouse well before marriage. reason for ‘courtship’. (wanna knw y guys cheat send me an email with question ‘y guys cheat’ @ [email protected])

  5. Well.u try o.But I will say instead I working out we should find ways of stoping it.
    Going by ur advice in the next 5 yrs divorce will b d Oda of the day jst like it’s happening in your entertainment industry.
    The industry should not just sit and support divorce but should look into ways to curtail them.I am against abuse and violence on women but I can’t support divorce.
    I guess both sides should sit and search for the spice that has gone missing in the marriage instead of working out,divorce shouldn’t always be an option.

  6. Aunty iyabo you are not giving a good advice to other ladies
    You are only talking out of your hatred towards man and maybe that was the decision you took wen u also experience such. The definition of marriage is for better for worse. And b4 going to marriage there is need for courtship btw you and your spouse. You are supposed to talk like mother and counsellor.

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