Kylie Jenner just made the biggest declaration of her love for Tyga without even saying a single word.


The reality star stepped out in all red everything alongside her beau, Tyga

Recently, makeup expert and reality star, Kylie Jenner, has been spotted showing off a tiny tattoo of a lowercase ‘t’ on her ankle, presumably in honour of her blossoming relationship with Tyga.

As seen here... It's pretty 't'iny.
As seen here… It’s pretty ‘t’iny.

The tattoo is the latest addition to Kylie’s collection of tiny tattoos and it’s reportedly done last month by the celebrity tattoo artist Raphael Valdez.

But the surprising thing is this isn’t the first time she’s debuted the tattoo…

It's been on her toe all the while, we just didn't take note
Her Instagram photo a month ago

It’s been on her left ankle all the while, we just didn’t take note.

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