Stella Damascus was recently confirmed as the wife of filmmaker, Daniel Ademinokan, who was previously married to her colleague, Doris Simeon.

Despite the happy news, some of her fans are not happy about the union.

However, Stella’s core fans are happy their favorite celeb has found a place to call her matrimony home after her previous failed marriage.

A Facebook user, Esther Adelani Olaleye recently threw a subtle jab at Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, calling her a ‘husband snatcher’.

One of Stella’s fan, Ede-Alakere Alaereboba stood for her. She thinks Stella is not a husband snatcher because she didn’t ‘begged’ the man to love or marry her.

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4 thoughts on ““You Are A Husband Snatcher” Fan Slams Stella Damascus”

  1. Stella isn’t a husband snatcher.did the man loved her? yes did the man proposed to her? yes so they got married. were was the ex-wife when all these we on? were????

  2. is not d fault d two women but d intruder that call him self a man, nemesis will cought up with d men doing DAT always making d women to cry

  3. no big far they love each other.if they are colleagues,doesn’t mean they are friends.the man knew what he wants.everyone deserve to b happy.

  4. I really don’t blame the man,Stella knew he was married to her colleague she could have rejected him but because she already had her eyes on him she couldn’t let go. she is a husband snatcher whether they had issues before she came into the picture or not she is still a husband snatcher. I see no reason for her to date him talkless of marrying him cos he was once your colleagues husband.Gboko gboko oshi

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