One time beautiful inter-racial couple, 25 year old Kehinde Smith and her boo, Marek “Chinedu” Zmyslowski are no longer together and even though they have been mum about it for months now, they both decided to diss each other in encryptic messages hours ago.
Just so you know,  Kehinde (Nigerian) is the CEO of My Extensionz and Founder of several other companies while Marek (Polish) is the Co-Founder of as well as an investor in a number of other tech ventures.

While the going was sweet, the couple was known for always flaunting their sweet moments on Instagram, as a matter of fact, they even got featured in Genevieve Magazine last year for being so hot.
HORP3188-EditvHORP2945-Edit2HORP2711-Edit2However, they have now deleted their photos from each other’s pages and sources say it has to do with issues of cheating escapades that are un-publishable.

Mark who turned 31 today wrote this on his page a while ago “This is going to be a long-ass-boring-life-coaching-type-of-a-thing-post. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. 365 days ago I lost that beloved digit 2 in front of my age number. Deep inside I was still a little, confused boy, not knowing who he is, what he wants, where he should go. Basically like an Uber driver in Lagos.  Turning 30 was exactly as scary and depressing as I expected… I knew I had to react to it. I decided to turn that fear into energy to make changes. I invested in understanding myself. Instead of covering my fears, I confronted them. I filtered, catered, prioritized and leveraged my strengths. Instead of hiding my weaknesses, I exposed and explored them. I realized that whatever I had been doing, it was for the wrong reasons. 

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I realized that the goals I was chasing, I was chasing using the wrong path. Shit, I even realized that there are no good or bad paths, things, actions, decisions. They are just either working for you or not. Depending on where you want to go with your life. I’ve made more changes in my life in the last 12months then in the last 12 years. Some of them were painful, some… OK, all of them were painful as hell. But the relief your subconsciousness rewards you with after you commit… It gives you wings, man, it gives you wings. The only question you ask yourself is why you haven’t done it earlier.  Listen to your gut, always. It’s smarter than you think. Don’t lie to yourself. I know it’s convenient. Never delay painful moves. Time always works against you. Never respond to negativity with negativity. Either walk away, or disarm it with a smile.  I have learned more about myself in the last 12months than in the last 12 years. I’ve never been happier with my career and private life. I’ve never been more peaceful inside.  31, I was expecting you.”

While Kenny posted this in response “How to get “that” GLOW: 1) Drink plenty of water. 2) mind your business. 3) Dump & release the phuck boy. (Major issue) & 4) Have positive surroundings. 😉 Watch how the glow & blessings starts to rain on you. Oh! It’s okay! You can thank me later.. Have a fabulous weekend!

Just last year, when Mark turned 30, Kenny was all over him.Image result for Marek “Chinedu” Zmyslowski dirty thirty party

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