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8 Habits That Causes Pot Belly

8 Habits That Causes Pot Belly

Looking great is not an easy task, it takes dedication, discipline, consistency and endurance. But the end always justifies the means. Below are eight habits that cause pot belly. 1. Drinking Carbonated Drinks Regularly: Can’t last a day without gulping down a can or two of soda? If this is you,... read more »

10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About B...

10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Breasts #NationalCleavageDay

It’s time to celebrate what your mamma gave you – yes, today is National Cleavage Day. Although some of us may groan because of the boobs men who have a preference for ogling cleavage, the annual celebration has actually been created by Wonderbra as a day of appreciation for breast in all... read more »

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Health Matters: 18 Health Habits You Sho...

Health Matters: 18 Health Habits You Should Always Live By

Bet the 18th tip will surprise you… 1.      Be a copycat! Copy your dog: cultivate the habit of stretching exercises when you wake up or when you’ve been sitting for a long time. It boosts blood circulation and digestion, and eases back pain. 2.      Brush up Properly. It might... read more »

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Toyin Lawani Reveals Ways to Achieve Hea...

Toyin Lawani Reveals Ways to Achieve Healthy Glowing Skin Naturally

Beauty and health tips about local use of honey and cure for Acne comes in about 1 hour.  Who is excited. For a clean and soft skin, you can use honey in the following ways. Stay locked. Tips about the use of honey and local cure for dark knuckles comes your way soon Combine 1 tsp of buttermilk... read more »

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5 Signs That You Are Wearing A Wrong Bra

What Happens When You Wear the Wrong Bra Size? Wearing a bra that doesn’t give the proper support has some permanent effects to your body’s appearance. If you’re wearing the wrong bra... read more »

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6 Secrets You Need To Stop Keeping From Your Husband

There are some secrets that should be kept from your partner. They’re not going to hurt him and could help to keep the peace. However, there are certain things people say or that you do... read more »


60 Things Older Women Over 60 Wished They knew In Their 30s

Margaret Manning resigned from her corporate job and became an entrepreneur building an online community – Sixty and Me, for women who are over 60. She asked the women in her community... read more »


15 Uses of the Tooth Paste that you Never Knew

Beauty Uses Toothpaste contains many useful ingredients that can be soothing and healing to the skin. For this reason, you’ll be able to use toothpaste to help you with the following... read more »


17 Surprising Nigerian Meals That Kills Body Fat

Here are the 17 foods that helps you burn fat off your body: 1. Plantain (Green) 2. Lemon (Zap some of it in water to drink daily) fresh-fruit-and-vegetables 3. Red & Green Pepper 4. Water Melon... read more »